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The Finch and the Fox
Joseph Crump | Razorfish
The Latin Americans are among the biggest users of digital media on the planet. But in Latin America, the digital marketing budget is among the lowest in the world. But why? We blame the fox ... But we believe that the "New Middle Class Digital" will save the day. This lecture will present an analysis conducted by the agency Razorfish, on the causes and cures for the world's largest digital disconnect.
Cyber Brazilian dead, long live the Brazilian Cyber!
Michel Lent Schwartzman | Ogilvy
Based on the miserable results in the last two years Cyber of Brazil at Cannes, we announce the death of Brazilian digital. But the lack of results may also point to a new configuration of domestic production which now pointing in different directions and no longer separates the 'Cyber' from other disciplines.
When there's "no line" between online and offline. Invisible technologies and real facts
Fernando Barbella | BBDO Argentina
We as individuals do not split between online and offline lives. For sure, you can´t even remember where exactly you heard about latest news about anything: sports, news, friends, your career or anything else. Latest advertising trends show us the total blurring between on and off, and as a result, a great step for advertising, becoming more REAL than fictional.
Roundtable - Social Networks and the Challenges of Communication
Marcelo Albagli | Canvas
@MarceloAlbagli studied Printmaking, Painting, Theory and History of Cinema and Visual Arts in Paque Lage, Kunsthøjskolen i Holbæk and Københavns > Universitet, graduating in Københavns Medieskole, Copenhagen, Denmark, where he lived for six years. When he returned to Brazil in '96, Founded Canvas Webhouse, having as clients DM9DDB companies, Publicis Salles Norton,, VALE, Porter Novelli (New York), Channels Globosat and Brazilian Olympic Committee, among others.
Place: UERJ – Rua São Francisco Xavier, 524
Date: august 29th, 2010 (domingo)
Time: 10 to 18 hours
Uol Host
Faculdade CCAA
There will be simultaneous translation of all lectures.
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